Wednesday, September 20, 2006

CNN: "Chavez calls Bush 'devil'" ... but there's more

Every linguist around will probably post this picture -- here from CNN's website (and it looks like it's credited to AFP/Getty Images) -- but maybe we're riding the front of this wave ... The fiery rhetoric of saying that the lectern still smelled of sulphur from Bush's speech there yesterday gets your attention. Way back when, I remember guys in dark suits standing up yelling to crowds about the devil's presence, and they held up books too, but not Noam Chomsky. Sure, you say, it's one of his political books, not Syntactic Structures or the Minimalist Program. But it is a striking picture.

Update, Friday, Sept 22: I recognized the cover, but couldn't remember what book it was. According to the NYT, it's Hegemony or Survival, 2003.

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