Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A little google update

So, I wonder every now and again how we'll get past the issue of using to google as a generic.

Google monkey
is just a great term -- the gopher of the modern-day office, where fetching coffee has been replaced by tracking down info on the internet. In some sense, it sounds like a step forward, since it requires more skill and is more engaging than running mindless errands. And you doubtless know about google bombs (or google bombing).

Maybe these are harder to make into legal issues? I mean, google monkey is virtually a direct advertisement and the company is more or less a victim in the case of google bombs (since they aim to manipulate the rankings of 'normal' usage.)

Of course, George W. Bush, already known for his use of the internets, announced on TV recently that he uses the google (video here). Maybe he's just trying to dodge legal problems if he's using ask.com or dogpile or something?

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