Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today's paper has the headline "On Wi-Sconnie-sin" talking about a new line of t-shirts and stuff called Sconnie Nation. You hear Sconnie for 'Wisconsinite' pretty often, and occasionally as an adjective for things from or associated with here. And Sconnie's still pretty new -- only about 21,00 g-hits on a quick check.

Always sounded pretty neutral to me -- definitely used by folks from here and not an insult like 'illie' from people from the Land of Flat, though that's relatively positive too, I guess, since it means they aren't being called 'fibs' (= fucking Illinois bastards). Interesting in the article is the contrast to Coasties, which they define pretty much as 'rich kids' and including not only the coasts but Illinois (jabs at illies are always fair game, I think). But in looking at this stuff, you really that good old Wisconsin, low-key, 'we just like the place' kind of attitude:
It's loosely anything of or relating to Wisconsin. Think cliches like cheese curds, PBR beer and John Deere tractors, but in a good way. Like the term "cheesehead," the Sconnie brand takes pride in what is stereotypically Wisconsin.
I like living around here.

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