Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our first QueryGoogle results

So, to try out QueryGoogle, I ran this morning's relevant data on the Stans: Safire's Trashcanistan against Dumbfuckistan and then the generic (and possibly ambiguous, certainly) the Stans. The results are striking:
dumbfuckistan 9160
trashcanistan 2330
the stans 1280000
The Stans are, it seems, a very well-established phrase in English, even assuming lots of these hits mean something else as looks to be the case. You could probably still get a chuckle at a party tonight with a bunch of rubes (if that's where you're headed) by using Dumbfuckistan, but it looks like people know it pretty.

QueryGoogle is a step longer than a raw google search, since you have to create a text file to run, and the numbers don't differ from a 'raw' count of g-hits, but you get all the data in one fell swoop. I've done a number of searches where this would have saved real time. Good work, UCLA people.

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