Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something good in the press about language!

Chicago Tribune actually has a very nice list of books on language -- many by actual linguists -- published today and available here. I mean, here's a major newspaper praising works by the Language Log crew (of course) but also Sali Tagliamonte, John Algeo and Thomas Murray. Tagliamonte is one of the best socio-historical folks around and the other two are very solid dialectologists/sociolinguists, in case you don't know their stuff.

Now, I've got no problem with the cool words genre (ably represented, I'm sure, by Erin McKean's book in this list) and the general non-technical linguistics books (Crystal's in here, natch) are good to have around. But people without much background can appreciate a lot of what many linguists have to say ... .

Maybe I should cancel my sub to the NYT ... until they fire Safire.

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