Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kringle, anyone?

As the Verbs were driving along the other day, Mr. Verb ridiculed me (ever so gently, of course) for my upper Midwest usage of the word “bakery.” I said something along the lines of “I’ll just get some bakery,” meaning (as all normal speakers of English know) that I would get some delicious items which were baked at a bakery. Mr. Verb thinks this is odd. Mr. Verb says it would be like saying I’d get some butchery at the butcher’s. But now vindication is mine – here is the sign for Barrique’s on Monroe street, offering "Coffee & Bakery fresh daily." Hah.


Joe said...

Wow, nice example. Barrique's (Barriques?) is a pretty high-class joint usually filled with trendy young people and that's a hip neighborhood. Seems like this is not some old term that's retreating.

Mrs. Verb said...

Mrs. Verb also wondered about whether it was "Barrique's" or "Barriques." Of course, here in Madtown, almost all restaurants get an apostrophe-s on their name (Porta Bella, for example, is known far and wide as Porta Bella's).