Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Word of the Year fun

In case you don't read ads-l, there's some more WotY stuff here, some of it cute -- like googleschaden -- and the annual list of banished words here.

As a commenter on the latter notes, combined celebrity names like Brangelina are lamethetic, but blends are fun. More to the point, lamethetic is reminiscent of forms like craptastic and craptacular, which get 428,000 and 364,000 g-hits, respectively.

In fact, -tastic is always remarkably productive these days -- just google 'tastic' -- usually without the sarcasm of craptastic, so -thetic would make a nice negative counterpart. I don't know of a productive pattern like that and don't see one in a quick check, but that's hard to confirm, in part since thetic is a word already.

Update, 7:12 pm: I'm reminded now that the Daily Show had a Christmas Christacular thing recently.

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