Friday, January 05, 2007

Word of the Year ...

A lot of the obvious favorites came up yesterday – the decider, a set of macaca words, brokeback, youtube (esp. as a verb, happily for our family), waterboarding, wikiality, etc. To be plutoed (demoted) was probably the best of the words on that topic; I could imagine using it.

A few that were new to me included:
tramp stamp: tattoo at the base of a woman's spine
flog: fake blog started to promote a business
lactard: lactose intolerant person (apparently used by such people)
A number of people were into snowclones (see LanguageLog), like I'm in your X, Ying your Z – and the screen at the front of the room even had the 'verbing ur nounz' picture up for a while.

Tonight's the main event, the big vote ... and rumor has it there may be a Colbert-related motion on the floor.

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