Saturday, January 06, 2007

WotY, NotY

OK, for the the official ADS press release, follow the link here. A good time was had by all.

Some very serious political discussion came up, about both macaca and sudden jihad syndrome, as well as climate canary and carbon. But this is the rare event in American life (for me at least) where anybody can go and sit in a room and hear brilliantly funny debate by the best specialists around (for the most part) on a topic of general interest. People punned a fair bit -- like the person (John Rickford, maybe?) who spoke in favor of to be plutoed because it can allow important spin-offs, like plutonic relationship.

The American Name Society also released its third annual Name of the Year, by the way, and Pluto won there too.

Still waiting to hear some reactions from Language Log about snowclone's nomination for most creative.

Today, back to the hard business of understanding American dialects, and maybe other stuff too ...

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