Thursday, March 08, 2007

They Shred Pigs in Germany

Just checking in to report that English is not quite a global language yet, at least not in Germany, at least not in obscure towns that happen to be taken up on their offer to host a linguistics conference, at least not on hotel restaurant menus:

The dish in question consists of a pork cutlet served on a slice of rye bread, topped with a fried egg.


Mr. Verb said...

Man oh man, now that makes me hungry.

'Sourroundet' is pretty rich ... 'sour-rounded' could be used in fast food ads, like some Taco Hell thing plopped down in some sour cream, but the final devoicing gives it a special charm.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I get it: This is connected to the ubermeat post ... prime rib is mere amerikanski sandwich stuffing. Siegerländer Krüstchen is the real hyper-animal protein.

Joe said...

And the Grimm dictionary shows Oberfleisch (in a different meaning, of course), and Überfleisch gets some g-hits.