Monday, March 26, 2007

True? Bush day 666 to go and counting?

Keith Olberman just reported – I missed the context, so maybe it was an obvious joke – that Bush has 666 days left in office. Can it be true?

The end is near! The end is near!

PS: The image is from here. Mrs. Verb (not her real name) suggests that it might be photoshopped.

And you really should type in something like 'Bush 666' to your favorite search engine. Even try an image search. You might enjoy the results.


Jake said...

It isn't Photoshopped -- he's doing Hook 'em Horns.

Mr. Verb said...

I don't think the missus was bothered by the hand gesture, which is very familiar around here because we have a couple of Texas Exes who use it all the time.

I think she meant the head didn't look like it fit the shoulders. But maybe I'm wrong. In which case she'll correct me.

Mrs. Verb said...

Mr. Verb is never wrong! I just think the head looks like it doesn't fit on the purple graduation gown.

Anonymous said...

Firefox has a great add-on that displays how many days Bush has left in office on the bottom of your screen. It makes me happy every time I check my email.

Mr. Verb said...

Oh, a feature I don't use? And that WOULD brighten the day at this point. Thanks!