Monday, March 19, 2007

The ubermeat attacks, or not

Just noticed that my earlier post on ubermeat (from the Quizno's ad, referring to prime rib) continues to draw searches and hits ... to my surprise. As a comment on that post pointed out, the term was only drawing about 12 g-hits when that post went up. It's now up to 56, without much real substantive discussion of the term that I see. Most of the interest is surely in the use of the prefix uber-, a topic of a very early post on this blog, here, and then its German equivalent in connection with English here, but just widely discussed everywhere.

I guess what strikes me as oddest about the word (to the extent that anything in ad language can surprise me) is that an intensifier like uber- seems an bad fit with meat. Supermeat? Overmeat? Just unappealing, too close to a goosestepping sandwich. Like a comment on the earlier post says, you kind of wonder whether you order the ubermeat or the ubermeat orders you.

Seems doomed as an ad, too, although I'm not exactly the target demographic for them. But I can't quite believe that there is not a punk band called The Ubermeat showing up on google yet.

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