Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baseball changes too; I look forward to reveling in that

Last night after dinner, I thought I'd catch a few minutes of the Brewers against St. Louis on TV before getting back to work. But the channel that usually runs them didn't have the game on. It was at home, so Miller Park's retractable roof means no rain-out. I checked the internet, and the game was on, Milwaukee leading. Only in the TV listing did I see that they were on another channel, which didn't make sense at all. Then I realized: It was ESPN. The Brewers are leading the division and playing the champion Cardinals, with former St. Louis pitcher Jeff Suppan pitching for Milwaukee. That makes a reasonable choice for network broadcast. It's time to adjust to the thought that the Brew Crew is a team that could occasionally make ESPN games.

If you follow baseball at all, you know it was a sad night: St. Louis reliever Josh Hancock was killed in an automobile accident late Sunday night. Only a few years ago, the Cards lost another pitcher, Darryl Kile, to heart problems.

Suppan, of course a former teammate of Hancock's, pitched a complete game and the Brewers won, 7-1. I hope next time it'll be a game where winning at baseball is the sole focus. It's a long season, but they are 16-9, 8-5 on the road, and leading their division by 3.5 games; it'd sure be nice to revel in Brewer success after years of struggle.

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