Sunday, May 20, 2007

Business cards

A blog I started reading very early on was Nancy Friedman's Away with words. It must have been when I was starting to wonder about how language gets thought and talked about beyond the field of linguistics. I like it in part because it's a perspective that was (and is still) so very new to me (the business of business naming, etc.) but also because she has a good eye, sharp design on her pages. A person could go to work for a company like that.

I've been swamped recently and haven't been blogging much or even keeping up on reading blogs. The interference has been just odds and ends after traveling a couple weeks ago, but I'm finally catching up over the last couple of days. In the course of that, I visited Away with Words. In the "May Linkfest", there's a link to a company that makes the wildest, coolest business cards I've ever seen, here.

Wonder what they could come up with for linguists?

Correction, Monday, 11:20 am: Nancy Friedman writes in to point out that it's actually a compilation of cards from a set of companies. Still, you gotta check out the cards.


Anonymous said...

How about rebranding the entire field?

Mr. Verb said...

Brilliant! Let's talk to the LSA about this.