Tuesday, June 12, 2007


There's a farm town northwest of here, just this side of the Wisconsin River, called Roxbury. It consists most of a beautiful old Catholic Church (see photo, from here, where you can learn lots about the town), a restaurant and a couple of classic Wiscosin taverns. The most notable is the Roxbury Tavern, which has managed this really nice balance between staying new and staying traditional — they feature a regular hiaku contest, and high-quality local food, including stuff from maybe my favorite mid-size Wisconsin cheesemaker but they also have a Sunday pancake breakfast, all kinds of local music, and it's really a basic tavern.

Now, they're running a radio ad, basic tavern ad, and it closes with this line:
Studying cognitive dissonance since 19(whatever -- didn't catch it).
OK, the use of that phrase triggers the effect in this context. It's about time to get back out there, though ... . Maybe the missus and me can do some haiku.

I'll fill in the date if I hear the ad again.

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