Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chicago Tribune aiming lower and lower ...

I already had a headache when I caught this link to a Chicago Tribune story about Dan Everett's conference on his highly public pissing match with Chomsky, held recently at Illinois State. I'm sour on the Trib these days, since hearing they may be about to ditch Nathan Bierma's "On Language" column. This certainly does not help.

After a little "Chomsky is Einstein/God/whatever" drivel, the reporter writes:
Everett pitted himself against a giant in the field, and modest ISU against the nation's elite universities. In the process, he drew national attention to this arcane field and enveloped scholars around the world in a battle.
Yes, he went out to slay the giant, alone and virtually unarmed. The Simpsons have a lot more depth to their plots. And Doonesbury. And Dilbert.

I gotta stop reading the freaking media; it's killing me.

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