Thursday, August 02, 2007

Piled higher and deeper

To all of my grad students, grad students I work with or know and all those who read this blog: Do not, under any circumstances, visit PhD Comics. It contains no useful information and will simply rob you of valuable time to work on your dissertation chapter / prelim proposal / grant proposal / [fill in the blank with whatever I'm next expecting to see from you]. Although I'm wiping tears of laughter from my eyes after reading some of these strips, there isn't even any crass entertainment valuable in them.

It would, however, be super slick to have this strip running on campus. (Click on image to enlarge.)


Wishydig said...

How about "One common view" = "I'm sure I heard this somewhere"

Mr. Verb said...

Yeah, 'somewhere' often being in a dream, it seems like.

Nice post on the Midwest, by the way.