Friday, August 24, 2007

Yes! Somebody speaks up for UW

Bill Berry, an occasional editorial writer for the CapTimes, gets it right in this column. In talking about the collapse of affordable public education in Wisconsin and the bizarre budget cuts proposed by Republicans in the Assembly, he has a question for UW alumni across the state:
What in the hell are you thinking, letting this happen?
He concludes with this:
Here's a little homework, UW grads. Find out how your Assembly representatives voted on this package. If they voted to continuing trashing the institution that gave you so much, rip off their ears like John Hunter would have done. Then let them know you 'll be supporting someone who recognizes the value and importance of education the next time elections roll around.
Yes! The word on the street has been that support for public education, including the UW System, helped turn elections toward the Democrats in the Senate last time. Let's finish the job.

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