Sunday, October 28, 2007

The maddening pace of blogging

At least two items from today's NYT were widely discussed yesterday on the Log and/or ads-l. The stories are old before they're printed! Literally.

And the really odd thing is that both were from p. 1 of "Sunday Styles" … "She's Famous (and So Can You)" is rightly discussed as a very quick snowcloning. And "What Did You Call It?" treats the new (?) word vajayjay. (I trust it doesn't need a gloss for our sophisticated readership.)

Best line in all the coverage? My vote's for this:
There have been at least 1,200 terms for the vagina in the history of the English language, according to Steven Pinker, a psychology professor at Harvard … .
Who knew?

1 comment:

Monica said...

Yes, and Steven Pinker counted them ALL.

But my question is, how do you pronounce it? The way I read it the "jay" part is read to sound like a bluejay. But that doesn't make sense. I think it ought to be pronounced to rhyme with "I", given the vowel in the middle of the word 'vagina'. But then that's kind of hard to spell. If you read it as if it was written in IPA (okay, Americanist) then the [ay] works. Oh spelling! How you torment me!

So could someone who actually watches Oprah let us know how to pronounce this?