Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally, some real science news

Even though I've been too busy to blog much lately, I have been keeping up on science journalism. The NYT invests tons of resources in their "Science Times "section, and I enjoy Science and Nature more than the next guy. But when you think "America's finest news source", you're not just talking Paris Hilton's dog. The Onion has been good lately. The stories are better than the headlines, well, when there are stories with the headlines:
  • Female Serial Killer Has To Work Twice As Hard To Achieve Notoriety
  • Democratic Candidates Turn On Clinton
  • Taco Bell Launches New 'Morning After' Burrito
OK, that middle one is a little far-fetched, I'll grant. But click on their "Science & Technology" link and you're up in the thin air of the great minds. Things are rich:
  • New Nietzschean Diet Lets You Eat Whatever You Fear Most
  • Archaeologist Tired Of Unearthing Unspeakable Ancient Evils
  • Study: Casual Sex Only Rewarding For First Few Decades
But I'm looking at core science coverage, here. Is this how science reporting feels most of the time to most of us? In fact, this may be the second best Onion article on science since this:
  • National Science Foundation: Science Hard

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