Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A quandary

Every so often, blogs that allow comments, like this one, get blog spam, also known as 'comment spam'. I've gotten a few, not necessarily commercial, like a plea to give my heart to Jesus. And some people walk close to the line without crossing it -- yesterday's locavore post came from an email (not a comment) sent by folks from Oxford UP. I figure that's legit.

Just now, a new comment came on this old post, advertising Leinie's. Now, beer is generally a good thing, and Wisconsin beer is better. But blog spam because I post about Wisconsin? I'm torn.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god ... Leinie's got people spamming Wisco blogs? Plugging this beer mixing deal? OK, some brandy and a Leinie while ice fishing, but this goes too far.

Maybe I'm drinking Point this winter.

Anonymous said...

Well now you'll get a spam post advertising Spam.

Cassaday Rasmussen said...

OK, so looking at the spam there are two scenarios that I see.

(1) The spambots have figured out how to do the 'read and type' thing to post to blogs. If so, we should just bow down to our new overlords because I can't make those 'read and type things' work some time. Note that there is a double spam post which suggests some sort of bot did it.

(2) Leinie's has actually hired some bored person to copy and paste in blog posts and do the 'read and type' thing manually. If this is the case, then I won't worry about our new blog spam overlords because I doubt the money is being well spent.


(3) Linguistic observation of the post, note that 'anonymous' above is identifying themselves as 'old school' or at least 'not a college kid' because they're using 'Wisco' instead of 'Sconnie'.


Mr. Verb said...

Yeah, I'm still waiting to read an article somewhere about what Spam folks think about spam.

Cassady: This looks like an actual person and all the comment spam I've had looks like it came from living human beings.So don't start bowing yet.

Anonymous is almost surely old school. The kids don't drink Leinie's so much right now, do they? I see more PBR and stuff. I guess real old school here would be Huber Bock or something. A cold can of Slab City, anybody?