Sunday, May 11, 2008

Big cuts at big places

Two scary stories just in from an occasional reader of this blog: This on massive cuts in East Asian Languages and elsewhere at UC-Berkeley, and this on big but still somewhat vague cuts at Florida. I've heard and read about the Florida situation, but that Cal would cut half its East Asian offerings and lay off 13 lecturers, that's ugly.

Oh yeah, on the suggestion that faculty plow their research funds into their departments .... we've been doing that at Madison for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Verb, I thought you would be interested in a great way that I found to fund my department when I was Chair some years ago. I do research on an Indian reservation, and of course feel obliged to drop a quarter in a slot machine at their casino every now and then. When I first started going up, I had a brief winning streak (believe me, that ended) and at one point I was $700 ahead. So I donated it to my department. Do you think I'm the only department chair in history who's funded their department out of their gambling wins? I'll post this comment anonymously in case my University finds this unsavory...

Mr. Verb said...

Now, that's the spirit! I know one of our contributors has been holding up convenience stores for years to fund his grad students. Says it was kind of stressful at first, but he got used to it because it's a good cause. And that's certainly better for society than anything like having the mega-rich pay taxes.