Sunday, May 18, 2008

More linguistic band names: Curse ov Dialect

If you read linguablogs, you know about the hip-hop group Linguistics as well as people who rap about linguistics (both here, for instance), and I've posted here about the album called "Northern Cities Shift". I've never mentioned the band Cunny Linguists here, but since I'm aiming to bring up my cuss-o-meter rating, it warrants passing note. (Well, that's assuming the name registers on their system.)

Now, Melbourne, Australia has brought us Curse ov Dialect, pictured here. Not sure what the curse of dialect is, but they are described as "Anglo-Indian, Pakistani, Maltese, Macedonian, and Maori" so there should be some cool language possibilities in there, though I don't see that they sing/rap in other languages.

Nice name … I gotta check out the sound.

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