Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good news in linguo-blogging! English with an Accent, and more

Wow, Rosina Lippi-Green, sociolinguist extraordinaire, has started a website called English with an Accent, after her famous book. She does other stuff these days, but it sounds like a second edition of the book is brewing, and that'll be very welcome indeed. Hurrah.

Also, Jan Freeman is taking a break from The Word this week and Ben Zimmer, lexicographer extraordinaire, is sitting in, here. I was getting a little worried at not seeing his posts on the Log, but he's starting to post more — including a follow-up on the guest column.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, check out the survey stuff on Lippi-Green's new blog. That could be very cool.

Rosina Lippi Green said...

Thanks for the shout out, Mister. May I call you Mister?

Mr. Verb said...

You're most welcome. Yeah, sure, you can call me Mister. Everybody does, pretty much.