Sunday, November 09, 2008

The f-word and the s-word

I'd been meaning to write something on the unspeakably inane case before the Supreme Court about taboo language on the teevee, mostly to boost my cuss-o-meter rating, I guess. But the ever reliable Jan Freeman has freed me of that obligation with this very nice column on "What makes language 'foul'?"


Anonymous said...

Fuck that shit!

Jan said...

Hi Mr. Verb,

"On the Internet, nobody knows whether you're a blog post or a column." (But this one was a column.)Either way, thanks for the mention. I feel I should note that I just did a followup blog post linking to Geoff Nunberg, who essentially agrees with the FCC's thinking, and utterly disagrees with mine, in fairly persuasive detail, at Language Log.

Mr. Verb said...

Oops. Man, I've got to start sleeping. Or proof reading.