Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Talk like a Yooper Day!

Details here. But the key is figuring out when it is:
In case you've forgotten the rule for the date, it is the day of the first Packer home game after the opening of Wisconsin's deer gun hunt season.
All the blaze orange around the state will stand out nice against the mountains of snow we're supposed to get today and tonight (check it out here).

Image from here — what says 'Upper Midwest' louder and clearer than blaze orange duct/duck tape?


Will said...

Yoopers (people from Michigan's Upper Peninsula) don't seem to realize it, but the UP is part of Michigan, not part of Wisconsin. Thank you.

rpmason said...

So... why is the UP part of Michigan and not Wisconsin?

Laura Payne said...

I believe that true Yoopers do know that the UP is part of Michigan. The UP is part of Michigan because the upper peninsula is in the state of Michigan. Additionally, the term "Yooper" is derived from the initialization of "upper peninsula."

P.S. I have written quite a bit about the Yooper dialect on my blog -

Nancy said...

I don't know how old this blog is, but I was looking for a Yooper Day so I could distribute Saykllys Yooper Bars to the folks at work. Confused why the guy from Wisconsin is so negative. We know we are Yoopers more than we are Michiganders, which we would agree to some as we narrowed down to Yoopers with the showing of the hands. However, We are definitely not from Wisconsin, but many of us are Packer fans, hence the inclusion. We are not CHeeseheads in the sense of a true Wisconson cheesehead who is one with no choice, but we are cheeseheads because we are fans of Packers, not Wisconsin.

Mr. Verb said...

You are most welcome to be part of Cheesehead Nation!