Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Higher Education Investment Act

Yesterday's NYT contained a two-page ad by the Carnegie Corporation called "Higher Education Investment Act: An open letter to President-Elect Obama and his administration". You can see some context and the letter here. It's signed by the leaders of many leading public universities, including the University of Wisconsin System's President, Kevin Reilly, and President of the Board of Regents, Mark Bradley.

People like our own Coalition for Affordable Public Education are working very hard to hold things together, but for those efforts to pay off, we have to have some fundamental change — real planning for the future, real investment to keep universities viable and make them accessible to our most talented rather than our richest young people.

Here on our campus, Chancellor Biddy Martin is holding a set of forums on how to move forward, not simply with regard to the budget crisis we face, but on these bigger issues. It's barely a start at this point, but it's very welcome.


Anonymous said...

I saw that ad too. There doesn't seem to be much reaction to it yet, on-line at least.

John Cowan said...

Well, I was a little worried by the phrase "times of crisis are also times of opportunity" in the press release; but no, the old canard about the Chinese word for crisis being written with the characters for danger and opportunity does not, in fact, appear in the open letter. We can all breathe much easier now.

Mr. Verb said...

Thanks. Funny you mention that. Our chancellor was described as using very similar language in the press lately, and I had precisely the same fear -- and there too I breathed a little easier. Maybe the Log is as influential as we hope!

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