Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Chronicle on the Modern Language Association

Jennifer Howard of the Chronicle of Higher Education has been reporting on this year's Modern Language Association, and her post from yesterday (behind a pay wall, unfortunately) is reason for some major good cheer in the new year for linguists.

Maybe it's like sitting in the emergency room in pretty bad shape and being glad you're not the guy sitting next to you, but whatever the shortcoming of our profession, we're way better off than literary studies. Check this out:
Hot research topics: animal studies (file under “posthumanism”), digital editing, Twitter.
I doubt any readers of this blog went to MLA, but on the off chance … Is this the journalist's sly humor or is that where the MLA's at these days?


Anonymous said...

I guess that means that Sportwissenschaft and "reading the body as text" are out? Darn, I was just getting into those.

Mr. Verb said...

Literary studies or whatever this is is a moving target, it seems. If I could only get the humanist stuff figured out, I might be up for the post-humanist.