Saturday, January 17, 2009

Football and language

A notably named reader of this blog write in with this tasty morsel as the football season winds down:
Hi Mr. Verb,
I thought you might like this story on the mayor of Pittsburgh changing his name from Ravenstahl to Steelerstahl for the upcoming Ravens-Steelers matchup in the NFL. Perhaps he missed his high school German lesson on the meaning of "Stahl", in which case he wouldn't have had to change the name so much.

— Larry Linguist
Nice! And it's cool that the mayor of the city has a last name with both team names in it. Of course, maybe he knows what it means and is doubling down.*

I went to find out a little more about the mayor and discovered that his wikipedia entry has been tinkered with in the spirit of the upcoming game:

Thanks, Larry!

*As people seem to be saying often these days, maybe thanks to the big poker craze.

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