Thursday, June 25, 2009

RezWorld: A new tool for language learning

Mr. V's last post took us back to literally the earliest known Cherokee text written in Sequoyah's syllabary. I passed that link on to some folks, and was rewarded with a link to what's probably the newest tool for Native language learning — RezWorld. It's described "the first fully-immersive 3-D Video Game that teaches Native languages." Check out the video.

The prototype shown in the video is, as it happens, in Cherokee, and the idea is that it can be adapted not only to any language, but also the appropriate community and cultural context. It's got a nice feel to it, low-key and with humor. And yes, there is a shot of the syllabary in there.

Of course this won't magically get kids speaking their community's language instantly, but it's another tool for revitalization, and probably one that will reach some effectively. It looks pretty cool.

And you should read the story of how the project came about, here.

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Language Tools for Indian Country said...

RezWorld (Cherokee language video game) is now "Talking Games". We have a Kickstarter campaign to get the complete 3D video game funded for Cherokee and Spanish.

Our Kickstarter page is here:

Our RezWorld game never got past a (fully-operational) 1-level demo. We have worked with more than 170 tribes and First Nations creating customized language tools. If funded, we can make our complete 3D video game a reality.