Friday, June 12, 2009

Wisconsin Englishes podcasts resume!

After a very long hiatus, the Wisconsin Englishes Project is again posting podcasts, here.

The latest are these:
  • one with Matt Bauer on how mergers — like the Low/Back Merger, the loss of distinction between cot and caught — work in sound change. Or rather, it's maybe more about how they don't really work like people think.
  • one with Pete Morton, British folksinger, interviewed by linguist Jonathan Roper from the University of Leeds. It's brilliant, must-hear material. If you're wondering why the Wisconsin Englishes Project is doing British dialects, ask the WEP guys, not me!
Rumor has it that another set is coming soon …


John Cowan said...

For the same reason, I suppose, that New York City has Thai restaurants, though it is not in Thailand.

Joe said...

Gee, that might be better than our real answer would have been.

John Cowan said...

In other words, it's the (([University of] Wisconsin) (Englishes Project), not the (Wisconsin Englishes) Project.