Saturday, July 04, 2009

Blogal: The language blog world has gotten big

Just learned that we've been nominated for Lexiophiles "Top 100 Language Blogs 2009" competition — by Leonard Bloomfield, no less. We all appreciate Professor Bloomfield coming back from the dead to help us out here, and are happy to be in the mix.

But what really got me about this competition was the thought that just how many language blogs there are these days. Lexiophiles has split things into four categories:
  • Language Learning
  • Language Teaching
  • Language Technology
  • Language Professionals.
By the way, we're in "Language Teaching" ... maybe we should step up the pedagogy.

PS: Yes, I'm thinking about Palin, and there was some interesting stuff in the speech, but I can't keep staring at this horrible traffic accident that is her career.

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