Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A layered Cupertino Effect?

You know about the Cupertino Effect, no doubt — the miscorrections introduced by spellcheckers for terms spelled correctly but not in the spelling dictionary. It's been often discussed on the Log and other linguablogs (Click here for their latest post on this.)

A kind of layered Cupertino was just reported by a Team Verb member in proofs of a forthcoming publication: The language family Yeniseian was in the manuscript with a double-typo as Yenesian. Oops. Had that come through as submitted, the authors probably wouldn't have caught it. As luck would have it, though, it appears in the proofs as Keynesian.

Does Microsoft get bonus points for being at least within the social sciences?

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John Cowan said...

I'm sad that Edward Vajda chose to use the simple compound Dene-Yeniseian rather than the portmanteau word Deniseian, though perhaps people would tend to misspell it as Dineseian.