Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wall Street Journal on collective bargaining at UW

My god. Look at this.

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pc said...

OMG! I love how professors can't be "thinkers" AND "unionists." Presumably this also means that K-12 teachers are not actaully teachers, plumbers are not actually plumbers, stagehands are not actually stagehands... it's a country full of unionists just unionizing everywhere! Soon everyone at all the universities will just be sitting around unionizing all day, continuing to reap large financial rewards from not contributing to society.

Oh and also the comments to that article are *amazing*. Professors are lazy, TAs do all the work, people who teach part-time do so because they're not good enough or they "want to" (what job flexibility! how great!), PhDs are vain and disconnected and worthless. And yet... AMERICA'S UNIVERSITY SYSTEM IS THE ENVY OF THE WORLD! I mean, it's the WSJ I'm not super surprised, but argh.