Sunday, November 15, 2009

A question not (quite) asked

For a while, the issue of how to refer to the present decades bubbled in the blogosphere — should it be, for instance, called 'the aughts'? This never really resolved itself in speech, at least that I know of, and the decade is coming to a close. I was reminded of this on seeing David Segal's piece in the NYT this morning, "Naming the '00s". But he's not talking about what to call the decade in that sense, rather what cliche handle to give it, so that it can sit alongside the roaring '20s and the 'me decade' of the '70s. I'm with the poet Billy Collins on this one:
"Let’s call this one Bob.”
And that answers both questions; any reference to the decade could be done with that moniker, like this:
Yah, well, I remember back in Bob, the kids were all about the piercings.
And now it's time to work on learning to say '10 without putting an '0' in front of it ...

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John Cowan said...

I still think we should have called 2002 "the year two", as they did in 1802.

Mr. Verb said...

Nice. We'll be out of the single digits in a few weeks, unfortunately.