Sunday, January 03, 2010

Elephant dictionary

"Elephants have a sophisticated language." "They speak to each other." And plans are afoot for an" elephant dictionary". "Many of their calls are similar to human speech."

This is all from a chunk of tonight's 60 Minutes. All those quotes are on the fly — not from transcriptions or anything, but the substance is clear. But you can see a preview here, and the transcript will be available later, if I recall how they work. I didn't hear any indication of irony or that this was metaphorical.

Wow. I'm just going to post this and go root for the Bengals.

PS: "Females like to be courted by older experienced males."


Chris said...

Yep, I've made a similar post. WTF indeed. If only the Bengals were doing better, this wouldn't be a compete wash, haha (I laugh, but I'm a Niners fan, so the joke's on me).

Mr. Verb said...

Yeah, the Niners have had better years.

60 Minutes sure did a poor job on that story; fluff is fine, but ...