Monday, January 11, 2010

LSA hangover: Sconnies score big

Wisconsin's own Thomas C. Purnell is now officially famous. Yeah, he is lead author on the Sarah Palin paper published by the Journal of English Linguistics, and yeah, he's been interviewed about regional English and related matters repeatedly. And yeah, he's lead author on this classic and real-world-important paper on how we can often identify the race of a speaker by just the word 'hello' on the phone. But now Tom's made the Log — see Mark Liberman's new post on Drunkenness at the LSA.

He has been looking at the effects of intoxication on speech for a long time and just presented a paper at the LSA on the changes that a BAL of .08 bring on vowel pronunciation.

Way to go, Tom!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet. And studying the effects of alcohol counts as service to the state in Wisconsin.