Monday, May 24, 2010

Do not vote for Mr. Verb

The Lexiophiles annual Top 100 list nominations are out and we're again nominated for "Language Teaching". I'm confident that you've haven't learned a language from this blog or sharpened your skills in any languages you know, and so trust that you will show the good judgment not to vote for Team Verb. Give your votes to John Wells Phonetics Blog or Grammar Girl. (Here's the link to vote.) Wishydig has expressly asked for votes and I say give him all he needs, by voting here.


Anonymous said...

What the heck is the deal with that contest? Seems vaguely spam-like to me. Certainly the relevance of blogs to categories doesn't work -- they need a 'linguistics' category if they're going to include Language Log, Mr. Verb and Wishydig.

Wishydig said...

ha! thanks for making my feeble efforts a little less feeble.

and anonymous-- i agree. this is an odd and opaque "contest." and the strange categories do little to make this a meaningful measure of anything.