Monday, May 31, 2010

Voynich query

Almost exactly a year ago, I did a little post on the Voynich manuscript (here). I truly know nothing more than what's in that post, but it has prompted some email ever since — including from folks doing a TV special about it which I don't think any members of Team Verb ever responded to.

Today, this query came in as a comment on the original post, a plea for help:
If any of you historical linguists is interested in working with me on the Voynich manuscript, I'd love some help. My area is pictorial analysis and in the process of pulling the pictures to bits, I've got a couple of interesting lines of enquiry about the script and language. But since that is not my area, I can't take it forward. Anyone care to test my sort-of-theories for me?
Drop her a line ... who knows whether it leads anywhere, but it sounds intriguing.

Image from here.

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Stan said...

Apparently Stephen Chrisomalis spoke about the Voynich Manuscript on the Discovery Channel recently. I didn't see the show.