Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Great Jean

I've always been amused by the women's-clothing-catalog use of singular "pant" - e.g. "this beautiful pant only costs..." Now I see the following in a Sahalie catalog: "Three washes ... one great jean." And heck, this jean is only $84.95!!


James Crippen said...

Completely off topic, but I note that “Sahalie” is one common spelling of Chinook Jargon /ˈsaχali/ meaning “above; high up, sky, heaven”.

Monica said...

I just checked their website, and here's what they have to say for themselves: "'Sahalie' comes from the Chinook people of the Pacific Northwest, it translates to "a high and lofty place". We envision that place as anywhere that removes you from the "daily grind" and gets you outdoors, breathing fresh air. It's the way we choose to live: casual, adventurous and based in the Pacific Northwest." So - not so off topic, after all!