Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Hit the slide"

People are eager for Word of the Year ideas by this time of year, already anticipating the January meeting of the American Dialect Society, coming up in Pittsburgh. (You've missed the abstract deadline but here's the announcement).

Ben Zimmer has a nice piece at Visual Thesaurus about the Steve Slater case whether it will yield any neologisms and therefore candidates for WoTY. I hadn't paid attention to this particular high profile trainwreck, but I do like this one:
to hit the slide.
Sounds like a pleasant escape from a bad situation. But, dude, take GOOD beer with you.


namowal said...

Do they have good beer on planes?

Mr. Verb said...

Don't they still have Heinekin? Or maybe that's just overseas flights? Never been on JetBlue, so maybe Bud was the best option!