Tuesday, September 21, 2010

University of Wisconsin big update

For our UW readers, two major updates.

First, the Public Representation Organization of the Faculty Senate (PROFS) is sponsoring its latest forum on how to fund public higher education in these tough bduget times. This one features Chancellor Biddy Martin, who'll discuss her plans for budget flexibilities. Word is, this will be mostly Q&A, with questions from the audience. Be there. Here's the key 411 (click to enlarge) and you can go to the PROFS website for the latest.

Second, from the good folks at Sifting and Winnowing, we learn that the UW's central administration has put out a call for proposals for an external consultant to undertake a "Benchmarking, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Flexibility Study" on campus. Last year, an effort to reorganization the entire research operation came down and faculty (and others) felt blindsided. Reaction was quick and strong, and while things worked out better than many first expected, it left many people on campus nervous about whether Wisconsin's famous tradition of shared governance was in danger. This latest move, which it sounds like happened without faculty input, seems to be setting off a new round of concern. Stay tuned.

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