Wednesday, September 01, 2010

xkcd on stage

I almost missed this xkcd, Open Mic Night, and containing these two panels. The first one, I still can't bring myself to laugh about, but it's classic xkcd, and linguistic.

The second one, well, I confess that I didn't get it at first. Had to look it up, basically. Hey, so I'm not a programmer.

We will get back to actual linguistics soon, but we're all wound up here about the beginning of the semester …


Ben said...

Actually, there is a linguistics element in the second panel; the programming term is named after the language philosopher WVO Quine, whose work has some bearing on linguistics, especially in the semantics-pragmatics area.

But I think you knew that and I'm just being pedantic. Sorry.

Mr. Verb said...

Well, I guess it seemed too indirect given how much and how directly xkcd deals with linguistic stuff.