Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bonka sugar

Talk about random ... I'm in the Madrid airport waiting for a connection and grabbed a cup of cafe con leche. Maybe it's the jet lag, but the packet of sugar cracked me up. It's Bonka brand. In the old days, and maybe still, 'to bonk' in cycling meant to run out of energy badly and suddenly. Kinda like the crash you might get after eating a bunch of sugar. I'm sure I've seen this brand before but never made the connection.

Or maybe it's just the jet lag.


arnie said...

In the UK, "to bonk" means "to have sex with". I've also heard "to boink" with the same meaning.

Joe said...

'Boink' definitely means that in the US and as far as I know only that now ... it used to mean 'tap, hit' when I was little, like you could get boinked on the head with a tennis ball or something, but I haven't heard that in a long time.

'Bonk' probably has this meaning in the US too, in which case the name is suddenly way funnier ... we'd have people asking for a cup of java and a bonka? And the reduplicated form would be slick too, 'bonka bonka', maybe as an intensive.

Yeah, it's DEFINITELY the jet lag.

Dianna said...

Arnie's interpretation is definitely the first that came to my mind, and I'm a 20-something American!

Joe said...

So it's a hilarious name, just not for the reasons I thought@!

The Happy Whisk said...

Bonka Sugar? Now I want to try some. Love the name. It's so silly.

Fun post.

Anonymous said...

For me (Australian, hence vocab substantially British in origin), the strongest connection is with "bonkers" as in "crazy".