Friday, October 08, 2010

They won the game, did the Giants

I've been laughing, um, *with* one of the announcers for the Brewers all season because of a construction he uses all the time, and I started writing them down just for fun. He constantly says things like this:

Boy, he's got a quick release, does Jonathan Lucroy.
He's got that curve ball back, does Gallardo.

Sometimes the subject is omitted in the first clause:

Hit 232 this year, did Eric.

Sometimes it's just a right dislocation:

His velocity's been up, Cole Hamil's.

But generally it has the 'do' support. And then last night I heard it from one of the announcers for the Giants game:

He went around, did Juan Uribe.

So what is this when it has the 'do' support? Is it just some weird sports-announcer-speak? This isn't a construction I'm familiar with...


Nikki said...

I actually hear and use this construction quite often, and definitely not just in a sports commentary context. I wish I could offer some sort of insight into it, but alas, I have no idea. Perhaps commentators like it because it gives them time to remember the players' names without having to pause their commentary? Just a thought...

Terribly Write said...

I think he went to the Yoda School of Broadcasting.