Thursday, November 11, 2010

How bad is it in Wisconsin?

This bad:

Gov.-elect Scott Walker has asked Gov. Jim Doyle's administration to immediately stop many of its top initiatives.

In a letter to Department of Administration Secretary Daniel Schooff, Walker urged the current administration to freeze implementation of the federal health care law and suspend contract negotiations with state employees. He also requested it stop making any permanent hires, transform Charter Street Power Plant into a natural gas boiler (instead of the planned biofuel boiler) and delay any new administrative rules until after he takes office on Jan. 3.

"I am confident we can find common ground on my five requests and continue to work towards an orderly transition," Walker wrote.



John in Germany said...

I thought surely that clicking the link was going to take me to The Onion, where I would be relieved to find out that this is all a joke. That didn't happen; and when I pinched myself, I didn't wake up and it was still there. I wish I could see both sides of the argument here, but I just feel so sorry for all of you.
-a former WI resident

Adam Ussishkin said...

I had no idea Wisconsin could even remotely start to resemble Arizona. Yikes.

Mr. Verb said...

JUST like Arizona, in fact:

And it's worse. We're in the middle of building a bio-fuel power plant on campus (replacing a grossly dirty old coal one) and Walker is demanding that work stop.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Why don't you just shut the government down for two months?

sheesh... You guys are in trouble.

Mr. Verb said...

That's probably coming too ...