Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tweets from DARE

Hey, DARE is on twitter. Try it.


Mr. Verb said...

OK, so now's the point where I get Twitter, I guess.

Stan said...

Will you be joining?

Twitter's very versatile. I resisted for longer than I ought to have: its name and reputation put me off, until I looked more closely. It's a good place for language lovers.

Mr. Verb said...

Stan, you have convinced me. And we have to keep up with DARE, the measure of coolness around here.

Stan said...

Ah, I'm glad to hear that. I made a list of select language-related accounts; you'll see a few familiar names there, some of which you might be interested in 'following'. (Nope, I still don't much like the terminology.) Many people have similar lists, or ones dedicated to linguists. There's a lot of them on Twitter.

Another option is to just subscribe to feeds without joining the site. This would probably be fine for DARE — it looks like a one-tweet-a-day no-interaction account — but I think for most people the chat is where it's at.