Thursday, December 09, 2010

Welcome to Wississippi: tragic blending

A key member of Wisconsin's legislature is going to work to turn us into a right-to-work state, the governor-elect is going to try and break state employee unions and that's barely the beginning. No wonder I've heard a whole set of people say that we're becoming Mississippi.

In response to this morning's news that Wisconsin's new governor has succeeded in getting $810,000,000.00+ dollars of federal funding taken away from Wisconsin for high speed rail (we may get to keep 2 mill! see here), a colleague said she'd heard somebody say:
Welcome to Wississippi.
Mississipians will be more offended by this than the governor-elect, I'm sure. As the link above says:
"A month before he's even been sworn into to office, Governor-elect Walker has lost good jobs for Wisconsinites," U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore of Milwaukee said in a written statement.
The South, for all the anti-government rhetoric from there, lives high on the federal hog, paid by our federal tax dollars.


bmb said...

I share the Mississippians' opinion...

John said...
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