Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smash mouth, every which way

With the Badger State in full collapse and the once great University of Wisconsin – Madison in grave danger, I've taken to my bed, stopped eating, thinking and blogging. Just hanging on, trying to make it to Super Bowl Sunday, like most of the state.

But Ben Zimmer's On Language column this week has pulled me back from the edge. Or at least gotten me to venture to the computer and write this post.

The topic is smash mouth, in three cool ways: Early attestation as UW student slang (meaning 'to make out'), in football usage (something the Badgers have long specialized in), and as the name of the great band, Smash Mouth.

Wow, it suddenly feels like the days are getting longer and maybe we'll make it after all. At least maybe I'll start blogging again.

Go Pack.

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