Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walk like an Egyptian!

OK, a lot of readers are too young to remember that great Bangles song. (Lyrics here.) That's one of the great signs around here. (More on that below.)

But this, believe me I beg you, matters. Press estimates are that there were 25,000 people at Capitol today, vastly more than the last days. This thing is GROWING. The unions are making a big push for tomorrow, should be the biggest yet.

Be there or be square.

Back to the signs. My favorite signs so far, mostly funny ones:
  • Kids, don’t be like Scotty: Stay in school.
  • I blame Favre.
  • Aaron Rodgers is a union worker.
  • This Walker’s made for booting.
  • Scotty go time-out now. (Worn by a toddler walking around.)
  • Without teachers, who'll teach me how to Bucky?
  • Teach me how to budget!
  • Madison, WI: Class warfare’s ground zero.


Cecily said...
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Cecily said...

even greater than the original? this is for you to decide.

Anonymous said...

my favourite has been "don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining."

Mr. Verb said...

Nice. Very nice.